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About jeff harmer photography

I have been involved with photography for as long as I can remember. In fact, my earliest recollection stems from memories of both my Grandfather and Father nearly 45 years ago. My Grandfather’s hobby was photography, which of course was film in those days. As part of his living legacy to me, each time he replaced his camera, he would pass it on to my father. My Father would, in turn, pass his old camera to me. I couldn’t wait to get ahold of each hand me down, and would then rush to take pictures of my sister, my room, anything I could find outside that was worthy, then rush back to send the film off to the lab to be developed. I would then wait for days and hope for the pictures to come back, anxious for the end result.

This entire process taught me to have patience and to do everything to get the shot in the camera right the first time. And, I have never forgotten that lesson. Many times there just isn’t a second chance. Even, today with digital photography, you can peek to make sure that the composition, the shot is just right. But, it goes beyond that. It goes to the place and time that you just know when and what to put into that image. How to “Capture the Moment” at hand, the twinkle in an eye, the side glance towards a loved one, that action packed scene. These are fleeting moments that deserve that extra time and patience. Our passion lies in capturing each and every one of those moments, those glimpses in time.

So, today with the advent of the digital world, you can be sure that we strive to get it right; capturing those fleeting moments, as the chance to preserve your day, event or action sport shot the way it deserves to be.

There is no greater joy for us than seeing the end results and watching the emotions surface when the images are first delivered. You can be sure we have cried many times with brides, mothers, and grooms when reviewing those perfect images. That is when we know that we have met our commitment:

“Capturing the Moment, One Image at a Time"

What we believe in...

So when we got started in wedding, event and sports photography, we set out to accomplish one thing. That one thing is, above all else, to create beautiful work for great people. We know how important it is for you to have memories to share with you and your families for a lifetime, for future generations.

Our photojournalistic style is more than just a collection of snapshots. We capture the moments, emotions, mood, beauty of the day or event, naturally and spontaneously. We capture the story of the day as it unfolds in front of you, for you and your family,  relatives and friends. 

Our Commitment:

To be the ones you choose to help you accomplish everything you envision about your wedding day, event or sports activity. We will create a customized package just for you that expresses the vision you have for your day. 

We welcome the opportunity to take this journey with you. Please contact us on our Contact Us page or email directly at:

or just call us at: 724.456.5596

Let us create that image for you!


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